How To Treat Blogging Like A Real Job

For most people, blogging starts as a hobby to share experiences, expertise or an interest in one or more subjects. As we become more proficient, we may find that we can turn blogging into a ‘real’ job.

To become a professional blogger costs very little. You will need to pay for a year of hosting and a domain name, plus additional functions and customisations that you want to add to your blog.

To treat blogging like a real job requires different things for different people. Once you accept that building a blog as a business takes time and consistent hard work your are ready to start. Here we look at some ideas to help you get organised and ready to work.

blogging starts


To start as a blogger you have to build your base of incredible content, promote those articles all over the web and then build links. This all takes time.

With online businesses it’s very easy to get distracted and start watching random YouTube videos. Treat your blogging like a real job where you dedicate a set number of hours to a project as you would if you were a contracted employee in a business. If you are capable of that mindset, you will be on the road to success as a professional blogger.

Take breaks

Use your time wisely to ensure you have time with family and friends. Set timers when you’re on social media to ensure you don’t get distracted and always prioritise any tasks that are going to give you money.

Work space

Create a space away from interruptions. If you can’t make an office in your home, designate an area where you work consistently. For some people, it may mean going to a local Internet café or some other location to work for a set period of time. Regardless of where you work, make sure you focus on working when you’re in that space.


Organisation is vital for success. Keep detailed records of when your sponsored content is due. Keep a diary of topics specific a particular time of year. Even if you are not yet making money, keep a record of all income and expenses you spend on your blog


It is not always possible to have a set schedule to follow perfectly each day. You can still plan a set of routines to follow, with estimated time-scales for each task. For a successful blog you need to set aside time for the following:

  • Writing
  • Social media interaction and social media content
  • Searching for sponsored opportunities
  • Emailing or cold-calling sponsored opportunities
  • Taking and editing photographs, video etc.
  • Online marketing beyond social media
  • Engaging with your audience on your blog
  • Email management
  • Commenting on other blogs

Virtual assistance

If there are any tasks you find daunting, invest in a virtual assistant to help you. This will help maintain motivation and passion for your blog. Consider trading skills with another blogger, without any money changing hands.